Police Rescues Baby 5 Months

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On 20 November 2012 saa 03:10
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Police saved life of a five-month baby girl who was found abandoned near the road side in Rususa cell, Ngorero sector, Ngorero District on November 18.

The baby was immediately taken to Rususa Health Center for medical attention.

The baby is currently in a good health condition. Efforts to trace her mother are underway.

The Western Region Police Spokesman Superintendent Urbin Mwiseneza highlighted ignorance as the major cause of infanticide, abortion and child abandonment.

“Young women are not aware of the legal aspects and the government responsibilities towards a family.

“If they are abandoned by their male partners, they quickly think no assistance can be gotten to take good care of their babies. Abandoning or being separated from these innocent babies or children is not the best alternative,” Supt. Mwiseneza said.

Mwiseneza believes poverty is not a justifiable reason for a mother to terminate the life of her own baby as some people normally get convinced by such excuses.

He took that opportunity to call for increased neighborhood watch and fast sharing of information between citizens and Police.

Rwanda National Police continues to urge citizens to avail information to security organs to purposely prevent criminality of any kind and thus create a peaceful and secure country for all Rwandans.