Police tips holiday-makers on road safety

Published by Police
On 20 January 2017 saa 12:36
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In line with ensuring road safety, Rwanda National Police has reached out to about 380 High School students from Gasabo District who are currently in their vacation and tutored them on their role in preventing road accidents and advancing road safety.

The Senior Six graduates, who are currently undergoing a civic education programme at Doctrina site are from the three sectors of Bumbogo, Ndera and Gikomero.

While speaking to the students on January 18, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kabanda, the spokesperson for the RNP department of Traffic and Road Safety, reminded them that road traffic accidents claim lives, cause disabilities or emotional scars that victims can carry for the rest of their lives.

“Families of accident victims have to cope with the unexpected loss of a loved one. Knowing that a relative was lost to a preventable incident may add to the pain and suffering, and can leave families and communities with emotional wounds that take decades to heal,” CIP Kabanda noted.

He added: “This is a tragedy we can change...we need to give unprecedented attention to road safety by issuing a clear call to all road users.”

He precisely called them to encourage their peers and friends to make responsible decisions when using roads and become activists for road safety.

“The future of our country lies in the hands of the youth. We cannot afford to lose you over reckless driving or clashes that are preventable. We need to challenge the notion that road traffic crashes are unavoidable and make room for a pro-active, preventive approach to reducing death on our roads. Doing so is our best route to better road safety,” Kabanda noted.

Figures from Traffic and Road Safety indicate that 37 percent decrease in road accidents in the last quarter of 2016 compared to the same period in the previous year.

During the last quarter of 2016, over 100 people died in road accidents, about 350 others were injured.

Kabanda attributed the accidents over speeding, vehicles in poor mechanical conditions, reckless driving like bad manoeuvres, driving under the influence of alcohol and lack of conspicuity.

Interventions to address these specific risk factors have been promoted through the different road safety campaigns, increased highway patrols, and enforcing strict vehicle mechanical inspection, among others.