Police urges public against child abuse

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On 7 August 2017 saa 10:35
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Rwanda National Police (RNP) has strongly condemned acts of child abuse, including cases of infanticide - and called on the public to protect children from such inhuman acts.

Although cases of infanticide are rare, Police reminds that they are punishable with a life sentence under article 143 of the penal code.

The reminder comes in the wake of a case in Nyanza District where a mother allegedly poisoned and killed her two-year son as a result of misunderstandings with her husband.

The suspect, Jacqueline Tuyisenge who is currently in Police custody, claims her husband had always tormented her saying he was not the biological father and she decided to poison the boy, apparently to please the husband.

The incident happened on the night of August 5, in Kibirizi cell of Nyagisozi sector.
Tuyisenge is currently held at Nyagisozi police station while the body was taken to the hospital for postmortem.

Reacting to the incident, the Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Inspector of Police, Emmanuel Kayigi, said “this is wild and inhuman act...it’s the worst crime committed against a child which shouldn’t be tolerated.”

“There is no excuse for infanticide. It is simply evil, intolerable and an inhuman criminal act punishable by life in prison.”

“We should not let children fall victims of any misunderstandings. There are several ways through which young mothers can be helped through advice and seeking help. If there are signs of violence in a family, we urge neighbors to always report that immediately to prevent such acts,” IP Kayigi said.