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Police, youth volunteers in joint anti-crime campaign in Gicumbi
Published on 26-09-2016 - at 01:43' by Police

The joint awareness campaign by the District Police Unit and members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing in Gicumbi was extended to students of GS Rukizi on September 23, with emphasis on fighting use and sale of psychotropic substances including cannabis and illicit alcoholic drinks.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Alphonse Karekezi, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Gicumbi, while addressing the students, noted that the youth are the majority vulnerable group in abusing drugs and becoming addicts.

“We need to reverse this trend and perception together; when you report your neighbor or any person trafficking or selling Kanyanga, chief waragi or cannabis, you will have played your part in promoting community safety and security, and preventing fellow youth from falling victims,” AIP Karekezi said.

Gicumbi and Burera are said to be the districts in the Northern region with high cases related to drug trafficking and abuse, especially illicit gin like kanyanga, chief waragi, zebra waragi and other banned gin in Rwanda packed in sachets.

“Fighting crimes is your duty as well, and that’s why we have community policing, which empowers you to strive for the safety and security of your communities, school and the country in general,” he added.

He also hinted on the issue of unwanted pregnancies and urged girls not to be seduced and moved with earthly things, which he said can be an obstacle to their better future.

During the awareness meeting, students created an anti-crime club through which they will discuss on their role in crime prevention.


People have to know that fighting crimes is our duty that is why we have community policing, which empowers us to strive for the safety and security in our local communities, school and the country in general. Let use community policing and information sharing in fighting crimes.

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