Power sharing in Rwanda is on course- Senator Rutaremara

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 15 September 2016 saa 08:53
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The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) has said that more needs to be done in Rwanda to respect the article granting power sharing, a claim senator Tito Rutaremara from the political commission has dismissed saying that Rwanda has made all that is necessary to effect the same.

The discussions were held yesterday as senate Tito Rutaremara and the general secretary of DGPR Ntezimana Jean Claude presented contrary ideas on the status of power sharing in Rwanda in a talk show aired at Radio Flash.

Ntezimana said that some countries promoting democracy still have matters in power sharing .He noted that Rwanda has progressed for having power sharing etched in law but not attained to the desired extent.

“It is a very important issue regarding power sharing. It needs increased efforts because being granted by law also needs to be turned into reality. The power sharing is not at 100% considering the meaning of democracy,” he said.

“Power sharing is also part of democracy since power is for all citizens other than being a privilege of one person. We want some improvements where a private candidate representative in parliament from a particular political party be shifted from 5% down to 2% votes,” he said.

Senator Tito Rutaremara said that Green Party a recently established party should not clamor for power sharing when it has not even demonstrated that it attracts support through votes.

“Sharing power must be based on whether you represent certain number of citizens. Otherwise two people can assemble and claim to be having a political party which is the case for Green Party requesting to be offered campaigning fund before elections. If it is done in that way people would assemble in groups of three people , ask money as political party and abandon it after failing to raise number,” he said.

Senator Rutaremara talked on power sharing status in Rwanda noting that the constitution does not allow the a member of the ruling party to field a candidate to be the chair of parliamentary chamber of deputies.

“You already know that PL political party has a member in parliament, Donatille Mukabalisa. A political party in power does not hold more than 50% of cabinet positions . The Prime Minister is not from Rwanda Patriotic Front. Other ministers like Vincent Biruta and others are either from PDI political party or elsewhere. Sharing power has also extended to facilitating women representatives, youth, disabled among others. The senate has representatives of some bodies like senior lecturers at the university,” he said.

Senator Rutaremara explained that power is shared in Rwanda while in some countries like America the winner takes it all. He said that Rwanda shares similar strategy of power sharing with Switzerland.

“Power sharing doesn’t mean that all Rwandans will lead. Such positions can’t be available,” he said.

Rutaremara said that a political party in need of power sharing has to demonstrate support through votes.

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Senator Tito Rutaremara