Presbyterian Church commit to crime prevention in Eastern Province

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On 7 October 2016 saa 01:19
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Heads of Presbyterian churches in the Eastern Province have committed to forging a new partnership with Rwanda National Police (RNP) in line with crime prevention.

They made the commitment on October 5 following a meeting with the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Marie Gorette Uwimana, held in Kigabiro Sector of Rwamagana District.

IP Uwimana reminded them to always encourage their congregations to take part in community policing initiatives, adding that the church has a strong influence on individual beliefs.

“You are the leaders who influence people’s beliefs; exploit that opportunity to urge your followers to take part and own programmes geared towards crime prevention,” IP Uwimana said.

She pointed out that the partnership between Rwanda National Police and faith-based organizations serve as a bridge to bringing everybody on board in crime prevention and enforce community safety and security.

“It would also further the community’s role as a partner in crime reduction efforts, Identify and address social issues that diminish the quality of life link those in need to policing services.”

The DCLO also tutored the Presbyterian leaders from all the seven districts in the Eastern Province, on major crime like drug abuse and human trafficking and asked them to play a major role in raising awareness against the vices.

Therese Mukamakuza, the head of Zinga parish, said: “Preventing crimes and ensuring safer and peaceful society is in our core norms, values and principles as a Presbyterian Church. This meeting is therefore important to remind us that what we do has something in common with the police work, which is to ensure safer and God-fearing societies.”

“Before anyone becomes a member of this church, they are Rwandan. Our role as church leaders is to teach them to fear God and that includes teaching them to be responsible citizens that follow the law and to be Christians who plays a significant role in the development of communities and the country in general,” she said.

Mukamakuza hastened to add that “as leaders, we are now committed to work closely with security organs and contribute to making our society safer.”