Preschoolers visit, amazed at Marriott Hotel facilities

On 19 January 2018 at 05:54

Thirty children aged between five and six years from Kigali International Community School have visited Kigali Marriott Hotel.

As they toured the hotel on Thursday, the preschoolers were especially amazed at seeing the hotel rooms’ doors opening by tapping the cards, something that made them require the guide to do it over and over again to see doors opening.

Ian Impano, said he liked the hotel gardens and swimming pool but was especially surprised by the way of opening hotel rooms.

“I am so happy for visiting such a beautiful place but tapping a card on doors to open has marked my day. I tried it myself and successfully opened; I was happy,” said the six-year old Impano.

Orna, 5, said “We have played many games; it was good. It is a beautiful place and I want to build a beautiful house like Marriott in future.”

Their tutor Kelsey Merz said “As the future citizen of the country, children need to visit different venues to satisfy their curiosity and learn. This tour is so important in sharpening children’s mind and making them happy.”

Yulia Bogdanova, the director of Human Resource at Marriott Hotel said it was great pleasure for the hotel to host children and contribute in shaping their future, adding that children start developing dreams for careers at an early age.

“They can like what we are doing here at Marriott and decide to pursue hospitality in their studies,” she said.

She said Marriott is always trying to give a contribution that brings positive impact in the society and so eager to impacting children’s careers.

Visiting children had a fun-filled day involving touring the hotel facilities, playing games and sharing feasts with staff of the five-star Marriott Hotel.

Under the hotel’s “Spirit to Serve” initiative, Marriott organises a corporate social responsibility activity every month to give back to the community.

The hotel staff also visited children who were hospitalised at Masaka Hospital in December 2017 and shared Christmas with them by donating toys, school materials and interactions through different games.

Children tour Marriott Hotel
Yulia Bogdanova, the director of Human Resource at Marriott Hotel
Kelsey Merz