President Kagame calls for better services to citizens as local and central government sign Imihigo

On 6 October 2017 at 06:55

President Kagame has called both local and central government officials to step up efforts in providing better services to citizens.

The President made that appeal during the Signing of Performance Contracts- Imihigo- with Districts mayors and Ministers.

During the event, held at the Parliament, the Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente presented the evaluation of Imihigo for the previous fiscal year.

President Kagame noted that the progress Rwanda has made to date is not enough. He reminded leaders that it is a must to commit to doing more and better and that Imihigo should be a tool that helps improve and reach the government’s goals.

“Providing services to every citizen is your responsibility. It is not about who or when you choose to serve. Imihigo have to translate into action and tangible results for every citizen. It is about achieving our goal of transforming the lives of every citizen”, he said.

President Kagame also called for improved evaluation of performance contracts based on evidence and statistics.

During this event, a report on district performance for (indicators) the 2016/2017 Fiscal Year was presented and three districts Rwamagana, Musanze and Huye respectively emerged as the best performer and got awards.

The signing of Performance Contracts (Imihigo) was introduced in 2006 by the Government of Rwanda to fast-track delivery of plans, programs, and investments that have a transformational impact on the lives of Rwandans.

2016/2017 Imihigo: Performance in percentag

Regarding the performance of the joint Imihigo for the central and local government, the evaluation shows that service delivery sector comes on top with 82.2% followed by job creation with 78%, the agriculture and farming occupy the 3rd place with 77,8% and other sectors like urbanization and export follow.

According to pillars, justice and good governance come on top with 70,3%, the social cluster occupies the second place with 69,8% while the economic cluster scored 65,9%.

In general, the individual and joint ministries Imihigo were achieved at 67.8% percent from 56.6 % of the 2015/2016 Fiscal Year.

On the Districts side, this year’s general performance is 78,2 % from 75% of 2015/2016. The social cluster scored on 79% and the economic cluster comes at 76% while good governance and justice recorded 71%.

Important achievements

In general, the important achievement registered are:
- 225.865 jobs were created on the 205.161 that were planned
- 83.467 km of tarmacked roads were constructed and renovated compared to 84.767 planned kilometers
- 99.742 out of 179.148 planned households were connected to electricity
- In the One Cow per poor family program, 34.052 cows were distributed to families a number that surpasses the planned 33.171.

Key activities for 2017/2018

- During 2017/2018 Imihigo, the emphasis will be on economic, social and governance sectors.

- In the economic sector, job creation is a top priority along with empowering youth in entrepreneurship; increase the production of agriculture and farming.

- Improving urbanization, quality of education, health, fight against malnutrition, hygiene and unity and reconciliation programs will dominate the social cluster.