Presidential aspirant Mpayimana challenges Mbanda’s decision

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On 17 May 2017 saa 05:33
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Presidential aspirant Mpayimana Philippe has said he won’t be discouraged by aspirants withdrawing from the presidential race as every contender has own national development targets.

Mpayimana made the statement today in an exclusive interview with IGIHE as he responded to the withdrawal of Jean Mbanda who recently abandoned his presidential ambitions saying all his would-be agenda have been achieved by the current leadership.

“That man considered his self-interests but I am concerned with thoughts and wishes of many Rwandans. If he analyzed and found his ambitions in tandem with what has been achieved by the current leadership, that is up to him,” he told IGIHE.

Mbanda recently told IGIHE that he made the decision of abandoning presidential ambitions after reading three inspiring documents; Foundations of Social Democratic Party (PSD), Seven Year Government Plan (2010-2017) and another on ethics guiding a politician.

He said that the Seven Year Government Program document convinced him that his presidential manifesto has been implemented by the current government and therefore finds no need to stand.

Presidential aspirant Mpayimana Philippe has said the withdrawal of Jean Mbanda from presidential candidates should be taken as an independent decision not necessary to emulate because everyone one has own ambitions.

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Presidential aspirant Mpayimana Philippe