Progress Cannot Happen by Accident—Kagame

Published by Dusabemungu Ange De La Victoire
On 26 November 2012 saa 08:02
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Presıdent Paul Kagame has said that progress cannot happen by accident urging people to make deliberate efforts.

Kagame was officially closing a youth genocide survivors’ retreat at Petıt Stade.

The retreat was organısed by AERG a Genocide Survivors Students Association made of 43,000 members from allover the country formed in 1996.

“If our country must change, that change will come from our heads and radiate to whatever else we do” Kagame noted.

He added that “We are one family and there is no reason why we should fail to find solutions for our problems as a family.”

While commenting on those who have no shelter, President Kagame revealed that it is unclear why there are genocide survivors who are still homeless.

“This need to be followed up with due diligence” He pledges.
He said that Government will endeavor to improve the lives of every Rwandan, to give everyone equal opportunities.

Kagame urged AERG Members to use their practical skills to enable the country make fast progress, giving the example of countries like Germany and South Korea.

“In your pursuit of education, aim at being knowledgeable in tandem with the job market; don’t study only to earn diplomas” He urged.

AERG members contributed Frw4million to Agaciro Fund; saying they want to graduate from people who need assistance to people who can assist others.