Quality Zirumuze treatment restores Serugendo’s health

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On 12 June 2017 saa 01:27
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Elphaz Serugendo testifies the recovery from Entamoeba Histolytica, a disease he suffered from for long but completely recovered recently, thanks to quality treatment by Zirumuze New Life Clinic.

Serugendo, 71, is a resident of Nyagatare District, Rukomo Sector, Nyakagarama Cell in Masheka Village. He says the disease he suffered for over 18 months had caused him visual impairment but the effects have disappeared with the disease.

Serugendo hails Zirumuze Clinic, a herbal medicine and treatment facility, for treating his disease that had resisted modern medicine.

He testifies that his disease was mysterious at the beginning as he first got his abdomen swollen, affected his sight and his body kept swelling until his weight increased to 71kgs from 54kgs.

At first, he thought he was bewitched and tried many traditional medicines before shifting to modern medicine, all in vain. He was finally told his disease wouldn’t be treated in Rwanda or Africa and was advised to consolidate money and go to India, a country which has advanced medicine. His body had become so soft that would be pierced by simple hand touch.

After several tests, a doctor finally told him he was suffering from Entamoeba Histolytica and was given medicine which could still not help him.

Serugendo kept on moving from health facility to another, modern and traditional ones, until last year when he luckily got to Zirumuze Clinic that has gained fame for treating different ailments by their improved traditional medicine whereby a patient carries results of tests from modern medicine facilities and Zirumuze Clinic treats them with herbal medicine.

“I took my test results to Zirumuze Clinic and I received the natural medicine called Rubagantare (in local language) which I found so effective in treating amoeba. I got more different types of medicine from the clinic which completely ended my pain. People who saw me agonizing before, hardly believe that I am now the one with this good health,” says Serugendo.

“Just on the third day of taking medicine from Zirumuze, I felt getting better, relieved from pain and I was quite healed on eighth day as doctor’s test confirmed that amoeba was no more.”

Serugendo says he brushed with death during his agony but survived thanks to quality treatment he got from Zirumuze Clinic.

“My entire body was affected and was counting my living days on finger tips. My head had grown too big, I was unable to see things in a distance of two metres, muscles were not functioning and could not walk as my feet had swollen. I had serious constipation that I would go to toilets after six days…it’s a long sad story but all that is now history,” he says.

Samuel Nyakarundi, the Managing Director of Zirumuze Clinic, a researcher in natural medicine and public health officer, says they never treat people randomly but use herbal medicine after knowing the real disease one suffers according to medical test results.

“Fourteen years on the course of treating people with natural medicine from inside and outside the country, we have experience in addition to our medical education. Zirumuze Clinic employs only medical professionals. We are happy with the recovery of Serugendo but not even with him alone but 90% of the people we treat testify the recovery. We are happy to play such a role in Rwandan society,” he says.

Zirumuze Clinic premises

Kigali: Zirumuze Clinic headquarters are located at Muhima on the road to ‘La Fraicheur’ nearby the former Nyabugogo garments market. It is in a blue two-storey building above the Monica salons. You can phone us on +250 784 647 369

Musanze: Zirumuze Clinic is located in Musanze grocery market in room 69 just behind the parking of Taximoto. You can phone us on +250 784 647 166

Rubavu: Zirumuze Clinic is located in Gisenyi Bus Terminal in room 14. You can phone us on +250 784 647 265

You can also reach us via +250 788 863 221 or +250 783 072 727 and on WhatsApp at
+250 728 863 221 or visit our website: www.zirumuze.com. You can also send us email to: [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

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Nyakarundi Samuel , Founder of Zirumuze Clinic