RDB-tourism targets $800 million by 2024

On 10 October 2017 at 01:00

Rwanda’s enthusiasm in developing a vibrant tourism sector has seen her crafting new strategies, building better capacities, creating new products and attracting bigger investments. These deliberate efforts have begun paying off as reflected in the growth of tourism receipts from USD26m in 2005 to USD282 million in 2012, $251.3m in 2011, $303m in 2014, with ambitious targets of $404m in 2017 and $800 million by 2024.

According to the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), tourism receipts register an annual growth of 10% but the target is to increase the growth rate to 25%.

The Chief Tourism Officer at RDB, Belise Kariza says that Tourism in Rwanda is making this long jump in a short spell of time because of the explicit policies and approaches initiated and consistently nurtured, implemented with diligence and, where need be, adjusted to guarantee the harvesting of best possible results.

She says they are putting in place strategies that will attract more visitors, receipts, high value tourism products and, eventually, double by 2024.

“We need to position Rwanda as the international tourism destination of choice,” she said.

“The first system is to understand how foreigners perceive us, do they perceive us only as a country that passed through the genocide or they know something else?” she added.

That positioning will go hand in hand with promoting the country using social media platforms as they connect billions of people across the World. Other activities will include developing touristic sites, and investing more efforts in different tourist attractions across the country.

“We shall implement Kivu Belt master plan by promoting investment in that region. The areas surrounding Kivu Lake will be the model of tourism activities,” she said.

“We shall also highlight good service delivery as well as proper monitoring of tourism sector in the country. Two months ago, we started providing operational certificates to institutions offering tourism services in Rwanda to create a clear working vision,” she added.

The revenue sharing scheme will also be enhanced by distributing 10% of tourism revenues to support community projects around National Parks. RDB will continue with sensitizing people about the importance of sustainable biodiversity,

The Chief Tourism Officer at RDB, Belise Kariza