RDF denies shooting a Burundian on Lake Rweru

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 31 October 2016 saa 03:43
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Rwanda Defense Force has denied information from Burundi that its citizen was shot dead on Rweru Lake on Saturday 29th October, 2016 morning.

The Governor of Burundi’s Kirundo district, Melchior Nankwahomba told the media that a Burundian was shot by Rwanda’s soldiers on Saturday morning.

Talking to IGIHE, the spokesperson of Rwanda Defense Force, Lt Col René Ngendahimana said the information was false.

He explained that Rwanda’s soldiers never shot a person but rather fired in the air to scare away Burundi fishermen that had gone beyond their fishing limits in the lake.

“ Our soldiers shot no person. Some people were seen at Rweru near Rwanda’s border in the morning of Saturday. Soldiers were guarding the border as usual. When they saw these people fishing in a buffer area on Lake Rweru, they fired bullets in the air,” he said.

Lt Col René Ngendahimana explained that one Burundian fisherma left the boat and explained to Rwanda’s soldiers why they were in the area.

“ One of them left the boat and approached the soldiers for explanations.They found him with fish but two other boats returned back,” he said.

Talking on whether a Burundian may have been killed, Lt Col René Ngendahimana said “ Our soldiers did not shoot anyone.They fired in the air as a sign of warning.
One of them came and may be on our side up to now,” he said.

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The spokesperson of Rwanda Defense Force, Lt Col René Ngendahimana