REB suspends book undermining genocide

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On 13 June 2017 saa 02:50
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Rwanda Education Board (REB) has stopped the use of a text book ‘General Studies and Communication Skills’ meant for senior four syllabus, saying it is dotted with mistakes. The instructions to suspend usage of the book are contained in a letter from REB to district education officers.

The said book was published by an Indian publishing house, LAXMI, in 2016 and was distributed to schools one month ago.

REB Director General, Janvier Gasana has told IGIHE that they have suspended the use of the book over huge mistakes which mislead students.

Gasana explained the book is faulted for being authored by people who never considered Rwandan history, where, in some parts, the book depicts the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi as a civil war. He said that the government of Rwanda can’t tolerate courses undermining genocide in schools.

The book also indicates that dowry is an expensive load for boys which REB considers discrediting Rwanda’s culture because the latter is a reward other than a cost.

The suspension follows previous typing errors. REB has also revealed a plan of requesting Rwanda Public Procurement Authority to offer tenders of writing books to Rwandans.

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REB Director General, Janvier Gasana