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Reconciled couples appreciate Rwanda National Police approach
Published on 27-07-2016 - at 00:50' by Police

At least 190 couples that were experiencing domestic wrangles were reconciled and reunited in the districts of Nyaruguru and Gakenke districts, which the beneficiaries appreciated as an effective approach to restore domestic peace and harmony.

This was during their separate meeting with police recently in Gakenke and Nyaruguru districts.

Disputes between one-hundred couples were resolved in Nyaruguru while 90 others were resolved in Gakenke.

Their misunderstnadings were mainly on property, male chuvinsm, drunkeness especially by husbands and neglect.

Albert Uwimaniduhaye and Odette Mukamuliza, one of the couples reunited in Gakenke thanked Police for mediating and resolving their two-year disputes.

Uwimaniduhaye acknowledged that he was the source of domestic conflicts due to excessive drinking.
“I was spending family incomes in bars drinking and at times this would force me to torture my wife either physically or psychologically. This is a new chapter that I pledge to take today,” said Uwimaniduhaye.

It was a moment of joy as couples hugged and forgave each other pledging to open a new page of peaceful and togetherness in their domestic development activities.

Inspector of Police (IP) Laurent Harerimana, the station commander of Ruli in Gakenke thanked them for taking a new united path.

“Such misunderstandings between husband and wife go as far as influencing children and affects the safety of the neighbouring families,” IP Harerimana said.

He urged them to refrain from anything that can bring back misunderstanding and conflicts.

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IP Laurent Harerimana speaking to couples in Gakenke.



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