Recruitment firms to go international

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On 20 June 2017 saa 02:59
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Private institutions involved in recruitment and selection, connecting job-seekers with employers in Rwanda are set to be licensed to enable them connect more Rwandans to jobs abroad following Rwanda’s ratification of international law governing such institutions.

The draft bill of ratification to international agreements enabling private institutions to seek jobs for employees was passed yesterday in the Senate.

The agreements were approved in Geneva, Switzerland in the 85th summit International Labor Organization on 19th June 1997.

The Minister of Public Service and Labor, Judith Uwizeye told senators that ratifying the international agreements will facilitate mobility of labour.

“It will help us to settle laws determining functioning of institutions seeking jobs for employees based on these agreements, help to harmonize laws in functioning of such institutions with international standards and set strong policies of free movement of employees in Rwanda,” she said.

Responding to queries of Senator Musabeyezu Narcisse who asked whether worries that kept Rwanda’s abeyance for 20 years were handled, the Minister said; “Most of implications of these agreements are incorporated in our laws and programs. The difference existed in agreements concerning private institutions connecting employees to employers but we have made a progress.”

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The Minister of Public Service and Labor, Judith Uwizeye