REMA boss challenges African engineers on waste management

On 28 September 2017 at 09:33

In the ongoing Africa Engineering conference taking place in Kigali, the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has shared the country’s practices in waste management.

Speaking during the conference, the REMA Director General, Eng. Collette Ruhamya said that poor waste management causes pollution in all environmental spheres including solid contamination and pollution in water bodies among others.

"If we continue with improper management of wastes, how shall we have cities that support human settlement?” she challenged engineers.

"If we continue to burn our waste in open air, how are we going to combat climate change?” she said adding that countries need to manage wastes in an integrated manner and adopt the practices of reduce, reuse, recycle and recover practices.

"Engineers must advise their clients on green designing because they understand the benefits of going for sustainable and green designs” she said.

"In Rwanda, we have encouraged the recycling of different wastes. For example we have metal,plastic and e-waste recycling plants” she said.

She said that Rwanda’s e-waste recycling company is funded by Rwanda Green Fund and that the government is in the process of establishing a waste-to-charcoal plant.
Ruhamya appreciated Kenya’move to ban the use of plastic bags and called upon other countries to follow suit.

“Rwanda banned plastic bags use. I thank Kenya for picking the same practice and pray that other countries also borrow the same lesson.” she said.