Research identifies causes for faster Rwanda marriages disintegration

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On 7 June 2017 saa 02:00
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High cost of dowry, excluding parents from wedding preparations, discrimination of elders basing on ethnicity, religion and regions and some youth having proxy imaginary parents who represent real parents on wedding ceremonies are among the causes of marriage instabilities leading to divorce shortly after weddings, research results by Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture (RALC) have revealed.

RALC research results presented yesterday was carried following incessant cries of high cost of dowry and attendant rites.

The researchers had a population sample size of 6,000 people from 55 sectors across the country in urban and rural areas. The correspondents included unmarried youth, married couples and elders.

RALC has also revealed that some wedding meetings are organized to raise funds and drop wedding plans after obtaining funds among other problems of wasting much money during preparations based on copy-cats , hiring expensive wedding halls and entertaining gurus.

RALC has revealed that the latter results into losses and leaves grooms in bank debts leading to post-wedding poverty, clashes and divorce.

Expensive dowry

The director of culture department in RALC, DrNzabonimpa Jacques who presented the research results explained that East and Western Provinces have unique cases of expensive dowry. Nyagatare district has been reported to have high dowry price which varies depending on the job and education of the girl whose family can demand for 15 cows or more for dowry.

A bride is in return required to bring chairs of the sitting room, decorations, doormats, bed sheets, mattresses bicycle or motorbike among other valuables.

In Rubavu district, Western Province, a girl is required to bring a coat for her father-in-law and traditional attire for mother-in-law. A bride in Karongi district is required to bring a bull among others.

The Chairperson of RALC, Prof. Niyomugabo Cyprien explained that the bride-price has been taken as a cost yet it is supposed to be a symbol of love.

“High bride-price costs negatively affect households leading to divorce within short period after the wedding. The fact is that they didn’t love one another but met, got seduced to make an expensive wedding yet they would arrange a low-cost wedding and maintain a good family,’ he said.

“It is not in Rwandan culture for a young man requiring a girl to bring beddings, bicycle or motorbike. A Rwandan should not be greedy in such a way,” he said.

He explained that mobilization to tip families on how they should behave in wedding preparation is set to follow the research.

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High cost of dowry is among causes of marriage instabilities leading to divorce shortly after weddings.