Residents dissatisfied with tax on public land

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On 25 August 2016 saa 05:35
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Residents of Muyumbu sector in Rwamagana district say infrastructures like roads and electric poles were established on their land but have since been paying taxes for the entire land including unexploited surface for two years.

“They have reduced at least three meters on our land while constructing the road. Since then land registration documents were not revised and I continued to pay Rwf 27,000 taxes annually for the whole land despite part of it becoming public road,” said Akinyambo, resident of the area.

Residents have also expressed dissatisfaction for paying land taxes for the land where electric poles were erected prompting them to ask Rwamagana district to deliver documents of new land measurements for free.The documents cost Rwf 5,000.

“We didn’t ask compensation for our forfeited land because we recognize the value of infrastructures. However, we are dissatisfied with the charge of Rwf 5,000for revising land registration in addition to the Rwf 30,000 we pay to the surveyor. This comes with transport expenses to the district headquarters.The district should avail such documents to our local offices for free,” said Nsabimana Diogène, Rwamagana resident.

The Muyumbu sector official in charge of settlement and land, Batagaruka Ferdinand has said that residents should understand that the value of land appreciates when a road is constructed in its proximity.

“Arable land pays Rwf 10 taxes per meter while the surface of inhabited land is charged Rwf 30 per meter,” he said.

Batagaruka says that a vulnerable person as per Ubudehe categories can ask the advisory committee to waive off land tax.

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Muyumbu sector headquarters