Residents warned against self-administered justice

On 9 December 2017 at 02:31

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has cautioned the public against taking matters in their own hands and called for partnership in exchange of information to fight and prevent crimes, and apprehend suspected criminals.

Self-administered justice means the unlawful retaliation for an injustice that the affected person carries out himself.

The call was made on Thursday after residents of Mbagabaga caught and clobbered a man suspected to be a thief who later died.

This prompted the police and local leaders to meet up with residents to remind them that self administered justice is a criminal punishable by law.

During the meeting Huye District Mayor, Eugene Muzuka advised residents to always forward their grievances to grassroots leaders and Police to help settle them rather than resorting to self administer justice that would lead them to jail.

“A crime can’t be rectified by a crime. The justice sector is there to ensure that when a crime is committed, professionals and accredited institutions handle it appropriately. When you take matters in your own hands, you will have committed a crime and you will be prosecuted,” Muzuka advised. .

He added that; “We acknowledge the fact that, you have to keep watching over your properties but if suspects are identified or caught, they should be reported or handed over to police for proper course of action.”

The District Community Liaison Officer Inspector of Police (IP), Mucyo Rukundo, told residents that; “Everyone has a chance and a right to defend himself or herself in courts of law.”

“Being within the limits of the law means that even when you are wronged, you have no right to take matters in your own hands to administer self justice; this is the duty of judicial institutions,” he emphasized.

He cited articles 148 and 151 of the Rwandan penal code, on assault that causes bodily injuries or death, which also applies to those who take matters in their own hands, specifying a life imprisonment in case death.

“When you witness or suspect anything unlawful, just call the police,” he said.
Source: RNP News