Restructure: Affected employees reassured

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On 6 October 2016 saa 02:29
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Civil servants that have been working with ministries that have been phased out and or merged following this week’s cabinet reshuffle and restructuring,have been urged to wait patiently as arrangements are made to post them in other government dockets.

Following the reshuffle, the Ministry of Internal Security was phased out while the Ministry for East African Affairs (MINEAC) has been merged with the Ministry of Trade and Industry led by Francois Kanimba. The state minister of state for mining position has also been phased out from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

In an interview with IGIHE, the Minister of Public Service and Labor, Uwizeye Judith has assured the affected employees of other appointments for them.

“They are still government employees and will be appointed in other sectors and they’re not a large number. However when it happens that some of them fail to get appointments, they will be sent on tentative leave for six months, receiving two thirds of their former salaries while seeking where to post them,” she said.

Uwizeye has explained that they have not yet identified the number of employees affected by the merger and phase-out but an audit is being carried out to establish the correct position.

“Employees should not worry as if things have fallen apart.There are other available appointments in the government.The affected employees are not many so the matter shall be handled with ease,,” she assured.

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The Minister of Public Service and Labor, Uwizeye Judith