RGB rewards “Intwaramihigo” for service delivery

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On 19 July 2017 saa 07:57
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Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) has awarded members of “Intwaramihigo” who help in the process of instilling as well as sensitizing the population about service delivery through their program dubbed ‘‘Nk’uwikorera’’.

The top prize winners that were rewarded comprise of Immigration, National Police, Rwanda Development Board, as a result of the services they render for attracting investors, Ministry of local government, ministry of labor, the Ministry of youth and sports.

The others are; Rwanda Air, Rwanda Cooperative Agency, the Private Sector Federation, Rwanda Association for Muslims and Rwanda Association for Protestants.
Media houses too were given prizes for the unmistakable role they play within Nk’uwikorera program; these include RBA: TV1, Kigali Today, Kiss FM, Rwanda on line and others, as well as the Misses Rwanda 2016 Mutesi Jolly and Iradukunda Elsa of 2017.

The Chief Executive Secretary of RGB, Prof. Shyaka Anastase explained that Intwaramihigo are people with an important role in speeding up the smooth offering of quick service delivery.

He pointed out that they are characterized by efficiency at work, exemplary, security, immigration, RDB and others such as religious denominations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Private Sector and others, can innovate the culture of speeding up smooth service delivery.

He added that the second group includes those facilitating others like the Ministry of Local government, which helps others to work effectively.

In the last five years, the index for service delivery rose from 66.21% in 2011 to 72.93% six years later, which indicates that it has improved by 6.72% during the last five years.

RGB points out that after realizing the nature of the problem, it discovered that it was imperative to put in place special measures, so as to reach the desired index, as within EDPRS2 Rwanda set a target for the sector of service delivery to reach 85%.

In search of a solution to this problem, it required RGB to invite the Prime Minister on 30th March 2017, to Karongi District to launch a program whose purpose was to sensitize the population to offer services, as if they were working for themselves.

The program involves many people, whether groups, individuals, media, footballers, Misses of Rwanda too were inclusive in 2016 and 2017 and different leaders who were all dubbed Intwaramihigo.

Until to date the context of how the citizens view the governance and service delivery within their localities Citizen Report Card has continued to indicate that service delivery is still low among different department which is under 70%.

These include agriculture 48.4%, livestock 54.2%, infrastructure 58.6%, the role of citizens in the acts meant for them 58.9%, implementation of programs intended to boost their welfare 61.2%, justice 62.7%, and land 67.3%.