Rights organisations in Israel oppose govt decision to transfer immigrants to Rwanda

On 28 November 2017 at 04:09

Seven human rights organizations in Israel have raised their voices calling the government of Rwanda not to admit 40,000 immigrants that Israel government intends to send here.

The call was made on Monday 27th November, 2017.

Last week, Israel’s government confirmed in four months they will have closed Holot immigrants’ camp and a total of 40,000 from African countries like Eritrea and Sudan will be sent to Rwanda whereas others who wish can be repatriated to their respective countries.

According to BBC, seven rights non-government organisations working in Israel confirmed that Israel and Rwanda will meet in the near future to finalise the agreements.

At the beginning of last year, Foreign Affairs Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo announced that there were no agreements signed between Rwanda and Israel related with hosting refugees.

She however confirmed that discussions were underway.

“We are among countries that two years back negotiated with Israel to receive immigrants. We did not finalise the talks but it is true that they approached us,” she explained.

She said that migration and emigration officials from both countries were still discussing about requirements to transfer these immigrants, their behaviors and their long term status they would be given.

Last week, Israel based Haaretz media house wrote that Israel will pay the Rwandan government $5,000 for every African immigrant it accepts from Israel. The Israeli government will additionally continue to pay immigrants who voluntarily leave the country a grant of $3,500, as well as the cost of their airlines tickets out of the country.

Rights organisations and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) opposed the Israeli government’s decision saying that it is even difficult to find out information about lives of immigrants who were transferred in African countries since 2013 to 2017.