RISA takes over ICT roles from RDB

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On 19 July 2017 saa 08:36
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The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has handed over its Information Communication and Technology responsibilities to the Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA).

The newly created agency will now be in charge of ICT skills development, creation and innovation of new products and technical work.

Clare Akamanzi the Chief Executive off Rwanda Development Board said that the creation of an independent agency was long overdue for the government to fast-track its ambitious program of digitalizing Rwanda.

“All the business aspects will remain with RDB,” Akamanzi said. “RISA will be in charge of the digitalization program of the country as Rwanda strives to be one of the ICT model nations in Africa. For instance, CCTV, the Irembo project, cyber security, new technologies and infrastructure development will be shouldered by RISA.”

The RDB chief further vowed to work closely with RISA in a complementary manner.
Innocent Muhizi, the CEO of Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), said that the organization’s core mission is to simplify the certification process in Rwanda.

“We shall try our level best to make the process of getting certificates related to movements, birth certificates etc. simpler,” he said.

Muhizi further noted that RISA will embark on building the capacity through training, and added that the task ahead is enormous and that RISA will need the support of RDB.

Regarding cyber security and crime, Muhizi said that Rwanda is doing well and is second only to Mauritius in Africa. He called on people to know how they can protect themselves against risks of cybercrime.

The government is considering setting up an independent cyber security agency in response to the growing need for national preparedness to deal with cyber security.

Muhizi said the gains made in cyber security in the recent past are no reason for the country to be complacent.

Rwanda was last week ranked second in Africa in commitment to cyber security by the Global Cybersecurity Index.

The report took account of countries’ commitment to cyber security based on aspects such as legal, technical and organizational measures, capacity building and international cooperation

Last year, the government of Rwanda invested $3 million in cyber security and there is a plan to set up an independent government agency that will exclusively handle cyber security.