RNP, motorcyclists’ partnership bearing fruits

Published by Police
On 22 September 2016 saa 01:48
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The partnership between Rwanda National Police and commercial motorcyclists continues to bare fruits in fighting criminality and motorcycle theft in particular.

On September 20, Police in Nyamirambo, Nyarugenge District recovered a stolen motorcycle and arrested the suspected thief, after investigations that were facilitated by information provided by motorcyclists in the area.

Police said the partnership has been significant in successful operations against criminality and has made motorcycle theft almost impossible.

John Nshimiyimana was caught red-headed in Rwezamenyo Sector by police investigators with a stolen TVS motorcycle, plate number RC 308 W.

He is currently held at Rwezamenyo Police station as police proceeds with the investigations.

The recovered motorcycle belongs to one Celestin Habanabakize,and had been stolen in Rwezamenyo earlier in the day.

It is said that Habanabakize parked his motorcycle and entered the shop, before Nshimiyimana stole it from where it was parked using a forged key.

Reacting on the theft, the Police Spokesperson for the City of Kigali, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu said: “His arrest indicates the usefulness of timely reporting and instant information. The victim, immediately after realizing that his motorcycle was missing, he was quick to report to police; through the good partnership with motorcyclists, it was easy to communicate and to get credible information that led to the recovery of the motorcycle and suspect arrested.”

He noted that, “even a single case of motorcycle theft has its impact in terms of the economy and individual development,” and thanked the motorcyclists for the team work and working with the police to ensure safety of their business.

The motorcycle owner, Habanabakize, thanked Police for the swiftness to recover his motorcycle.

“I am a commercial motorcyclist and it is this business that helps me to get money to take care of my family’s needs. I am very glad that not even a day has past – Police has found my stolen motorcycle and it is in good condition,” said Habanabakize.

Supt. Hitayezu noted that partnership is a key factor against criminality and appealed to the public to strengthen the spirit of “ownership in community policing” to make Rwanda an impossible place for criminals and to ensure sustainable safety and security.

He noted that motorcycle theft is a rare case in Kigali, adding that the police believes that the existing partnership with the people and motorcyclists in particular will improve the situation further.

Article 300 of the Penal Code stipulates that anyone guilty of theft without violence or threat shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of six months to two years and a fine of two to five times the value of the stolen property or one of the penalties.