RNP takes anti-human trafficking campaign to students in Huye

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On 25 August 2016 saa 01:32
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Over 300 students from Groupe Scolaire Cyarwa in Tumba sector of Huye district were on August 23 enlightened on fighting and preventing human trafficking.

The District Police Commander (DPC) Supt. Jean Marie Vianney Karegeya, while speaking to the student, said that besides the strict laws punishing human trafficking in Rwanda, the police embarks on frequent sensitisation campaigns as means of ensuring no one falls victim.

“Rwanda National Police has strengthened awareness campaigns in communities and schools for you to understand the whole concept and the inhuman realities surrounding the modern day slavery in an effort to jointly ensure that no one falls victim,” Supt. Karegeya said.

“Any person, who plays part in a crime of human trafficking, either by finding victims, processing a visa, picking them at the airport, employing them or reselling them, commits a serious crime that is punishable by local and international laws,” he added.

It is said that some traffickers pretend to be looking for either maids or people to work in their companies, hotels or other businesses and in some cases they consult other people, who help them without knowing.

“We want all people to be mindful of what they do, hear or requested to do. If, for example, you agree to help another person obtain a visa, get an employee as they claim, you should be beyond doubt that what you are doing is lawful,” the DPC told students.

SP Karegeya went on to say that normally, local traffickers seal deals with regional and foreign clients, promising their prey better opportunities.

Youngsters, especially girls are the most vulnerable and targeted, according to police, with most of them subjected to forced hard labour sometimes with no pay while others are sexually abused.

“This is why, all police people need to widen their understanding of how human trafficking is conducted and the consequences involved as means to prevent anyone from falling prey and this is why we conduct frequent awareness campaigns,” SP Karegeya said.

He urged them not to be overwhelmed and blinded by well-off offers sometimes from strangers adding that the end destination is life threatening.

Human trafficking, he said, can manifest in different forms depending on the tricks the traffickers apply including deceit, the most applied method

One of the students Sara Mutimukeye thanked the police for the knowledge extended to them saying that there is a lot they didn’t know about human trafficking.

The School Director Donatha Akayezu also thanked the police for the tutorial saying that the school will keep educating students on dangers of human trafficking as means of protecting them.