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RPC East urges transporters on behavioral change
Published on 7-10-2016 - at 01:37' by Police

The Eastern Region Police Commander (RPC), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Emmanuel Karasi has appealed to owners and heads of public transport companies, motorcycle and bicycle cooperatives to review the behaviors and conduct of their drivers while on roads, respect traffic rules and regulations to prevent fatal accidents that arise out of their reckless acts.

The call was made during a meeting held in Rwamagana District on October 5 and attracted about 400 transporters, commercial motorcyclists and cyclists.

It followed a number of accidents in the Eastern Province, most of which were attributed to recklessness and breaching of road safety standards.

“Lives of passengers and other people using or living near the road should be valued by avoiding speeding, risky maneuvers and overtaking in corners,” the RPC said.

“This requires mindset change , close follow up of the conduct of drivers and motorcyclists, and taking internal appropriate action against defiant members,” ACP Karasi added.

“You all know the distance from Kigali to Rwamagana, Kayonza, Nyagatare or Rusumo; some of the drivers race against time and you find that a distance that was supposed to be covered in one hour took the driver only 30 minutes… it’s by luck that this person didn’t make an accidents, we cannot accept this and as managers, you shouldn’t keep up with such behaviors either,” he noted.

Transporters were specifically reminded to install speed governors in their vehicles to avoid likely penalties.

He also hinted on the hygiene of motorcyclists and cyclists and warned against refusal to stop, when required or instructed by traffic officers.

He further reminded that it’s compulsory for a driver or motorcyclist to move with all the required traffic related documents and should be presented at anytime is required by concerned people.



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