RSSB to raise pensioners pay

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On 17 March 2017 saa 01:38
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Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) has unveiled a plan to raise pension within four months following complaints from pensioners that existing payments are meager that cannot meet their needs given the current market prices.

Talking to RBA, The president of Association of Retired Employees in Rwanda (ARR), Modeste Munyuzangabo has said “We don’t know what hinders the process of raising pension. We have been complaining that the cost of living has changed and the pension can’t sustain one in the current market prices.”

Didas Niyonzima, another pensioner in Kigali city has explained that he receives Rwf 5000 per month which can only be spent on buying vegetables .He advises RSSB to revise the pension upwards to match the prevailing cost of living.

The Director General of RSSB, Gatera Jonathan has said that the matter is well known adding that payments will be raised by July 2017.

“I cannot be precise but the pension will have been raised by July 2017,” he said.

RSSB collects at least Rwf 59 billion as pension contributions per year, pays Rwf 16 billion and allocates the rest to long term saving projects.