Rubavu: ADEPR affiliated youth hold walk against drug abuse

Published by Police
On 9 August 2016 saa 12:43
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About 350 youth members of ADEPR church from the sectors of Kanzenze, Nyakibira and Mudende in Rubavu District, on August 6, held a walk against drug abuse as part of their community policing strategy to raise awareness against the vice.

Rubavu and Kirehe are one of the districts in the country where drug related crimes are still high due to their geographic location.

The walk held in Kanyirabigogwe cell, stretched from Mizingo trading centre to Bigogwe ADEPR parish.

The youth carried with them placards and banners with messages on dangers of drug abuse and chanting community policing songs.

Later, the youth converged at Bigogwe ADEPR parish where local leaders and police in the district engaged them in discussion on the role of the young generation in crime prevention and fighting drug abuse in particular.

Inspector of Police (IP) Solange Nyiraneza, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Rubavu thanked the youth and the ADEPR church in general for standing up against drug abuse.

“Abusing drugs can be a block to your better future; but today you have demonstrated your enthusiasm to join the campaign to fight drug abuse, which we value and very important if the vice is to be combated,” IP Nyiraneza said.

She took them through laws against drugs quoting article 24 of the law governing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in Rwanda.

It states that “any drink that exceeds forty five percent of alcohol and any other drink which doesn’t have the required quality for consumption shall be considered as narcotic drug.”

Growing, selling, transformation, transportation, storage and consumption of narcotic drugs are prohibited under article 593 and punishable, under article 594, with a term of imprisonment of three to five years and a fine of up to Rwf5 million.

Rev. Pastor Pierre Claveur Akoyiremeye echoed the same message and appealed to the youth to live a focused life free from drugs.

“We have been campaigning against drug abuse in our church activities but today we decided to make a difference and take the campaign further to all members of the public to address this issue jointly,” Pastor Akoyiremeye said.

He pledged continued partnership to fight and prevent drug related crimes.