Rubavu: Anti-crime clubs urged to strengthen community policing activities

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On 27 May 2017 saa 11:25
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Raising awareness and fighting trafficking and abuse of narcotic drugs should be made a priority to prevent other crimes it breeds, members of anti-crime clubs in Rubavu have been told during a meeting held Thursday in the framework of the ongoing ‘Police Week’ activities, which also include raising awareness against illicit drugs.

While speaking to students of Gacuba Teachers Training College and Umubano secondary school, Inspector of Police (IP) Solange Nyiraneza, District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), urged them to shun and fight illicit drugs.

She asked them to be at the forefront in curbing the spread of the vices among their peers and other community members.

“The youth should take the lead in the fight against drugs. This can be done by way of alerting them about the adverse consequences associated with abusing drugs, and reporting dealers and users,” IP Nyiraneza noted.

She said the drugs have ruined careers of their colleagues who drop out of school, and end up indulging in other crimes like theft.

IP Nyiraneza, however, lauded them for their community policing activities through their anti crime forums.

Gerard Bahizi, the director of Gacumba Teachers Training College thanked RNP for engaging and empowering the youngsters to grow up with responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of their country.