Rubavu: Police in campaign against teenage pregnancy

Published by Police
On 20 June 2017 saa 09:46
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Police in Rubavu District have called upon the public especially parents, guardians, teachers and youth from different groups to join efforts in eradicating causes of unplanned and teenage pregnancies.

The call was made on June 18 by the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Solange Nyiraneza while addressing hundreds of students of Amahoro Secondary School located in Gisenyi Sector during a community outreach exercises.

The exercise to sensitize the students was organized in conjunction with the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kivu diocese.

Nyiraneza urged the schoolgirls to focus on their education and so no to any temptations from men, who try to seduce them.

She said that to avoid the consequences, interventions have to be made and identify the roles each and every one should play to prevent it.

"This matter is both an individual and community issue. We can prevent teenage pregnancies and ensure a good future for the children if we all work together and focus on your dreams," said IP Nyiraneza.

She added that the issue has caused untold pain to parents, whose dream for their children are shattered, and for victims who sometime choose to use clandestine and self induced abortions methods leading to complications and some resulting into death.

"Abortion itself is a crime punishable by the law," she told the students.

She urged them to report gender and domestic violence, child abuses and sexual related crimes they either witness and experience.

Claudine Ahimana, the chairperson of Mothers Union, on her part, called upon parents to take full responsibility in raising their children to be responsible citizens and live exemplary lives.

She said immoral conduct will always be copied by young people

“If Drunkenness and infidelity is taken as a normal or right way of living, young people will definitely duplicate such conduct consequently leading them into trouble such us unwanted pregnancies” Ahimana noted.

She also explained that as a results this may lead to abortion, infanticide arguing that often times; the person responsible for the pregnancy refused to take responsibility and that they are not able to give a child basic necessities.