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Rubavu puts up camp for cholera patients
Published on 2-08-2016 - at 07:35' by Théophile Niyitegeka

It has been two weeks since Rubavu district authorities established a camp of cholera patients after realizing their gradual increase.

The Cholera Camp is in Kanama sector where 3 people have already died perished of the disease with 60 suffering the ailment.

The director of Gisenyi hospital, Dr Maj Kanyankore William has explained that the camp was established to curtail spreading of the disease.

“We have decided to establish the camp to check of the spread of cholera. Whoever is infected with Cholera from wherever in the district will be sent to the Cholera Camp. We did it to protect lives and we request residents to embrace hygiene practices,” he said.

Since cholera outbreak three weeks ago, some restaurants and bars have since closed.

Dr Maj Kanyankore says that the established camp continue with food sales but milk will be tested before sale.

Sinamenye Jeremie, the mayor of Rubavu district explained that settling Cholera infected patients in the camp will reduce new infections.

“Cholera cases have been realized and we embraced measures countering its spread among residents. We had 30 patients last week but the number has gone up to more than 60. We had closed different places where food is sold but settling cholera patients in camps will enable people to run their business while spreading the disease is reduced,” he said.

It has been announced that whoever operates illegal sale of foods and beverages will be fined Rwf 100,000.

Cholera is an infectious and often fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, typically contracted from infected water supplies, causing severe vomiting and diarrhea.

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The Cholera Camp is in Groupe Scolaire Kanama Catholique



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