Rubavu residents arrest 24 suspected FDLR collaborators

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 20 June 2016 saa 04:10
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Bugeshi residents in Rubavu district have arrested 24 people suspected of conniving with a rebel outfit Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) camped in Kibumba and Nyamushwi, regions of Democratic Republic of Congo bordering with Rwanda at Kabuhanga.

Residents say the 24 suspects were arrested during day and nights patrols organized by citizens as measures to strengthen security following recent incidents where FDLR militia carried out incursions on Rwanda at a Sacco and police station in Bugeshi in April, 2016 but repelled back.

Bireti Jean Marie Vianney, village leader in Kabumba cell of Bugeshi sector says that they have taken measures to counteract and pre-empty more raids.

“We have strengthened patrols. We stop any stranger passing through our communities and take him/her to the police in case the person lacks identities.
Everyone has taken the responsibility of ensuring security,” he said.

Bireti explains that they have commissioned 23 guards in Abarinzi b’Amahoro’ (Peace preservers) maintaining security in different parts, roads and pathways.

He explained that they often organize meetings aimed at mobilizing residents whose relatives are in FDLR to call them for repatriation since Rwanda is secure.

The executive secretary of Bugeshi sector, Nsabimana Mvano Etienne says that the plan of strengthening patrols has been successful resulting in the arrest of subversive suspects collaborating with of FDLR.

“Rebel collaborators infiltrated our country to threaten security. Some unknown people who tried to enter our country were taken to the administration by citizens.We have so far arrested 24 people for illegally entering our country,” he said.

“We live nearby Congo forests where Interahamwe camp. We must stay awake always since they can come anytime if lax vigilance,” he added.

Such strengthened patrols went into force after about 20 FDLR militia raided some parts of the Rwanda border in the night of April 15th 2016.

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The executive secretary of Bugeshi sector,Nsabimana Mvano Etienne