Rubavu: Suspected drug dealers, smugglers apprehended

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 5 February 2017 saa 03:51
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At least two people suspected to be part of the group involved in trafficking narcotic drugs and smuggling goods with in the country, have been arrested in Rubavu District.

One of the suspects, Issa Munyakazi, 45, was arrested Thursday with 13 kilogrammes of cannabis, two cartons of carolight and two dozens of glycerin.

Carolight contains hydroquinone and is one of the lotions banned in Rwanda due to its bleaching content.

Rubavu is one of the major transit routes for drug traffickers and smugglers, and Rwanda National Police has strengthened its operations, which has since seen many culprits arrested as part of the crackdown to break the chain of supply.

Police spokesperson for the Western Province, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, said that Munyakazi, was one of the people they suspected to be trafficking drugs.

“With the information we had on him, he was on the monitoring radar. On the day of his arrest, we had received information from the people that he could be trafficking drugs, we stopped the car he was driving headed to Kigali, search it and recovered 13kgs of narcotics and other smuggled goods. He was immediately arrested,” CIP Kanamugire said.

He advised owners of transporting agencies to conduct due diligence about their drivers to ascertain their conduct and avoid such losses usually associated with criminal investigations, where vehicles are also impounded as part of exhibit in investigations.