Ruhango gangsters kill husband, injure wife

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 3 September 2016 saa 03:48
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Unidentified gangsters have raided a home in Munanira cell, Kabagari sector of Ruhango district where they have killed Hitimana Reverien aged 38 and wounded his wife Uwimbabazi Drocelle who escaped.

The assault to the family with five children was carried out in the wee hours of Friday.

The executive secretary of Munanira cell, Marie Goretti has said that unidentified thugs entered the house after breaking doors where they met the house owner coming to see the situation, fought them but was overpowered and they stabbed him with machetes to death.

The woman who heard the tragedy escaped through the window but thugs hunted her.
“They followed the woman and hit her but managed to escape. Fortunately the torch of thugs fell down and failed to hunt the woman who fled to neighbors,” she said.

Reaching neighbor’s home located in the distance of one kilometer and half, Uwimbabazi narrated the tragedy as she sought help.

Neighbors returned to their household where they found Hitimana breathing his last.

Uwimbabazi was then taken at Gitwe hospital for treatment of the sustained injuries.
The executive secretary of Munanira cell, Marie Goretti has said that police and security personnel visited the house where the incident took place and investigations are underway.

Following the incident, Muhanga district has organized an impromptu security meeting.

Killings have been heard in Ruhango district where a family of six people has been killed in Byimana sector among other incidences.

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The raided home