Ruhango: Motorcyclist arrested for attempted bribery

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 13 April 2017 saa 08:23
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Police in Ruhango District have arrested a commercial motorcyclist in connection with attempting to bribe a traffic police officer.

According to the Southern Region Police spokesperson, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Andre Hakizimana, the suspect, Eliezel Ntivuguruzwa was arrested on April 11, as he attempted to offer a bribe of Rwf30, 000 after he was found riding without a Driver’s License.

The suspect who was riding a motorcycle registration number RB 774S, which also had no insurance, is currently detained at Ruhango police station.

The regional spokesperson advised riders and drivers to respect road safety standards including having all the required documents that authorises them to drive or ride, and warned of arrest any person who bleaches these safety measures and who tries to bribe officers.

“Corruption is a serious crime in police and the country in general; bribery is taken with very serious exceptions; this is why there will be no mercy for everyone who tries such.”

CIP Hakizimana added that RNP is on a very strong ideological foundation as a national policy against corruption.

He appealed to the public to utilise the police toll-free line – 997 and 3511 – to report anyone they witness offering or receiving a bribe.

Since the beginning of the year, at least 50 people have been arrested in connection with attempting to bribe police officers.

They include aspiring drivers who had failed tests; drivers caught violating road safety standards, and those trying to illegally secure the release of their relatives and friends arrested for different crimes.

About 200 people were arrested last year for allegedly trying to bribe police officers.