Ruhango: Over 1000 pupils tutored on children’s rights

Published by Police
On 19 October 2016 saa 01:41
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Rwanda National Police, on October 17, reached out to about 1100 pupils of Ecole Primaire de Ntenyo in Ruhango Sector of Ruhango District and tutored them on their rights as children.

The District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Angelique Abijuru, while meeting the pupils and their teachers, enlightened them of their rights include the right to live, education and health care.

“It is your right to know your parents; children have a right to entertainment and express feelings and shouldn’t pay the price for their parents’ mistakes .”

She urged them to break silence on challenges like violence they experience either at home, school or in communities.

Violation of children’s rights, she noted, can also be verbal, child labour either in domestic chores, engaging in commercial activities like stone quarry; corporal punishment, denying children the right to education, defilement and other sexual related acts.

She further appealed to parents and the public in general, to respect and protect the rights of children.

IP Abijuru singled out guardians and step parents as the most group that violate child rights.

She also observed that most of those who abuse children’s rights are their caretakers and asked children to always report anyone who mistreats them in any way.

“The first line of fighting for your rights and promoting your rights starts with you by reporting the challenges you face or you colleague faces, to local leaders and the police,” she observed.

The pupils were also enlightened on local and international laws that protect them.

Véronique Uwiremye, the school head teacher thanked the police for tutoring pupil on their rights and said that as teachers, they have the responsibility of ensuring that their rights are protected and preserved.