Ruhango: Police reunites 20 families wrecked with wrangles

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On 30 April 2017 saa 07:11
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Police in Ruhango District have reconciled and reunited 20 families that had been marred with domestic disputes.

The families that were reconciled were known in their neighborhood as violent couples.

The event presided over by the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) Inspector of Police (IP) Angelique Abijuru along with Therese Uwitonze from Mental Health Dignity Foundation.

Th conflict-ridden couples and families were tutored on the dangers and risks of domestic misunderstanding.

IP Abijuru emphasized the need for harmony and togetherness between couples, families and neighboring homes as partly a crime prevention strategy to promote safety, security and development.

She further called for strong cooperation with police through timely information sharing on families experiencing domestic wrangles to help address their differences before they turn violent.

“The consequences of domestic violence or conflicts are severe, if they are not addressed the affected sometimes end up taking matters in their own hands, which is a crime itself, and in the worst scenario leads to murder,” IP Abijuru said.

She hastened to add that: “Police, local leaders and other legal services including mediators are there for you, use them in case you can’t resolve your internal issues amicably.”

The DCLO also urged them to actively take part in community policing activities to fight crimes like trafficking, making and consumption of illicit drugs and narcotics.

During the meeting each family talked in details about issues that had torn their families apart and were asked to propose how best they can overcome the wrangles.

It was observed that most of the wrangles are centered on property ownership, mistrust, misuse of finances and drunkardness.

Each family’s case was handled separately and members agreed to reunite while police pledged to follow up on each of those families to ensure that they live in harmony.