Rulindo mayor urges leaders on fighting injustice

Published by Police
On 29 May 2017 saa 11:56
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The mayor of Rulindo District, Emmanuel Kayiranga has urged grassroots leaders to fight corruption and all other forms of injustice.

The mayor was addressing sector and cell executive secretaries recently.

Kayiranga observed that some leaders solicit bribes or delay to offer a service which affect service delivery and good governance.

“You have a duty to be closer and to work with the people. You can’t assume that you are giving people the required service when you are not there, and this is why sometimes those who feel frustrated may tempt to give a bribe to get a free service,” Kayiranga said.

“Criminality exist where leaders, the people and security organs work independently. We are way beyond that and you should be drivers of community policing initiatives to ensure that crimes are detected and prevented,” he said.

The District Police Commander, Supt. Aphrodis Gashumba, challenged the local leaders to distance themselves from all tendencies of corruption.

“The impact of corruption are severe, however small you might perceive it. It is a crime that undermines governance, denies people their right to services. you should report anytime you witness it,” the DPC said.

He urged them to be exemplary and be close to the people and also fight use and sell of illicit drugs.