Rulindo, Nyanza, Ngoma in road safety campaign

Published by Police
On 14 January 2017 saa 02:06
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The District Police Units of Rulindo, Nyanza and Ngoma, on January 11, conducted separate campaigns aimed at preventing reckless us of roads and road carnage, and promoting road safety.

The campaign involved separate meeting with commercial motorcyclists, who were reminded of their role to ensure road security by respecting traffic rules.

In Rulindo, the District Police Commander, Supt. Aphrodis Gashumba noted that “irresponsible” use of road by motorists including commercial motorcyclists, remains a challenge that should be “addressed from the individual point of view.”

“It’s how you ride, how you protect your life and that of your passengers and other road users that adds to the general safety of the road,” said Supt. Gashumba.

He appealed to them and their management to make enforcement of road safety standards part of their day-to-day duties while taking internal action against defiant members.

The had advised motorists to shun driving under the influence of alcohol or driving in any state that compromise their judgement.

He said “police will not tolerant any unlawful road usage such as riding without permits, loading luggage on motorcycles.”

In Nyanza, the DPC Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Protais Rwiyemaho, who echoed the same message and warned against bribery especially when caught in traffic offenses and other criminal acts.

He further warned them against abetting crime by transporting drug dealers and other wrong elements.

The campaigns also emphasised wearing helmets and reflector jackets, maintaining relative speed, having a driver’s and insurance at all times as part of road safety standards.