Rulindo: Police sensitize public on road safety

Published by Police
On 8 February 2017 saa 02:41
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Police in Rulindo District have begun the exercise to educate residents on proper road usage in a bid to minimize road accidents and improve road safety.

The campaign comes after recent accidents registered in the area some of which were attributed to pedestrians’ poor observance of traffic regulations and lack of knowledge on road signs such as zebra-crossings.

The District Police Commander of Rulindo, Supt. Aphrodis Gashumba, said that road safety means each and everyone having knowledge on safe usage and the meaning of signposts.

He reminded them that pavements were constructed entirely for pedestrians which they should use rather than working in the road, which results into such accidents.

He also advised them against crossing the road aimlessly or while speaking on phone.

Inspector of Police (IP) Francois Ndayambaje the district traffic officer asked cyclists to always wear reflectors while riding especially at night.

IP Ndayambaje castigated members of the public who benefits from road accidents by stealing merchandise during accidents.

Residents were also asked to share information about errant drivers and passengers who litter roads by dropping empty bottles on road sides.