Rulindo residents urged to keep security

Published by Police
On 22 June 2017 saa 09:43
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The Mayor of Rulindo district Emmanuel Kayiranga has called upon residents of the district to enhance human and physical security within communities noting that prosperity will be retarded with its absence.

He was speaking in Base sector on 20th June , to about 3.000 residents during a community mobilization exercise by local authorities.

He asked “residents to desists from all forms of lawlessness but engage in legal economic activities to fully benefit from the available equal economic opportunities and government program”

Mayor Kayiranga noted that volunteering vital and leading information to security agents is a move to the right direction adding that criminals were better known by members of the community in which they were born and live.

Speaking at the same function was the district community liaison officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Fidele Mbonimana.

The DCLO emphasized the need for the public to work jointly with the police, so as to bring perpetrators of illegal acts to justice.

He said that it is beneficial for the whole community to endeavor to be crime free warning that “more often than not criminals will tend to turn against the same people who protect and cover them from facing the law.”

IP Mbonimana, encourage residents to remain vigilant against insecurity through neighborhood watch but also stay free of any fears.

He meanwhile, commended area residents for cooperating and supporting all measures put in place to have crime rate in the district stemmed.