Rulindo transporters tipped on environmental protection

Published by Police
On 10 June 2017 saa 01:56
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Public transporters operating in Rulindo District have been urged to play their role in environmental protection.

The call was made by the District Community Liaison Officer Inspector of Police (IP) Fidele Mbonimana during a roadshow campaigned held on June 6 in Base Sector, which attracted over 1000 people.

In his remarks, IP Mbonimana said: “Your responsibility starts with keeping the roads clean, there are some passengers that litter the road; they throw waste from car windows and it starts with you to prevent that from happening.”

He reminded them that it’s against the law to litter anywhere.

The organic law determining the modalities of protection, conservation and promotion of environment in Rwanda, in its article 32, states that “no one is permitted to dispose waste in an inappropriate place, except where it is destroyed from or in a treatment plant and after being approved by competent authorities.

IP Mbonimana also cited of article 64 of the same law which states that, “the population has the obligation to conserve the environment by individual action or through collective activities, associations of the environment, in preparing green spaces and reserved areas and other activities that promote environment.”

“As public transporters, you now understand that you have a responsibility to contribute to environmental protections as well,” IP Mbonimana said.

In line with ensure adequate environmental protection, RNP established an Environmental Protection Unit mandated to ensuring protection of the environment in all aspects, including air space, forestry and biodiversity, as well as the enforcement of different legal instruments that protect environment.

The Commanding Officers of Bushoki Police station, IP Canisius Rutagengwa, who also spoke at the campaign said, “If you want to boost your business, you should do it in the most appropriate way by ensuring your passengers also understand the dangers related to littering.”