Rusizi families neglect Parents’ Forum

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On 3 April 2017 saa 01:01
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Rich residents in Rusizi district have been blamed for neglecting participation in Parents’ Forum (umugoroba w’ababyeyi) leaving the program only for the poor and vulnerable people.

The blame was raised by Rusizi vice mayor for social welfare, Nsigaye Emmanuel on Saturday as Members of Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum (FFRP) held discussions with various representatives of religious institutions on problems affecting Rwandan community.

“Parents’ Forum is held once a month where we meet to discuss family issues in our villages and address any conflicts. We however face the problem of low participation. Indeed it is in most cases attended by low income earning women while rich people lock themselves inside their fences,” he said.

MP Mwiza Esperance, one of Members of Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum blamed the act saying rich people face conflicts at home too and called for their participation.

“One can assume that their absence implies they do not face such challenges yet they do and seeking a solution for such problems requires mutual support,’ she said.

“I would like to let you know that staying at home while others meet reflects poor understanding. A person feels self-satisfied locking self inside the fence but no brain gives itself advice. Conflicts from other families might reach theirs. We request all of them to join others and share ideas,” she added.

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Women attending parents’ forum.File Photo.