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Rusizi woman kills husband
Published on 16-07-2016 - at 10:55' by IGIHE

Nyirangendabanyika Laurence, a resident of Rusizi district, Kamembe sector, Gatovu village is suspected to have stabbed to death her husband, Nzeyimana Joseph.
It is said that the incident took place in the night of July 15th 2016 around 20:00 hours.

Nzeyimana was stabbed with a knife in chest as he came to calm her woman, Nyirangendabanyika who was quarreling with children.

The executive secretary of Kamembe sector, Ntivuguruzwa Gervais said they have been informed of the killing which he attributed to home conflicts.

“The woman hit a knife in the heart of Nzeyimana as he came to soothe her wife who was in fierce verbal exchange with children,” he said.

Some neighbors told IGIHE that there have been incessant misunderstandings between the couple.

“That woman wanted to be the head if the family. When the man came yesterday as they quarreled the woman said ‘do you know I can harm you?’ She immediately stabbed her husband to death and children called my elder brother for intervention,“said Nzeyimana Samuel.

The suspect is being held at Kamembe Police Station.

The body of the deceased was yesterday night taken to Gihundwe hospital for autopsy and has been returned today for burial.

If convicted of the crime, the culprit is subjected to receive a life sentence as per Rwanda penal code.



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