Rusumo One Stop Border Post operates 24 hours

On 3 October 2017 at 11:28

Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) have launched 24 hour operation at Rusumo One Stop Border Post.

The RRA Commissioner for customs, Raphael Tugirumuremyi said that taxpayers and the general public should be aware of the move which aims at improving services delivery.

“From today, services from this border will be available 24 hours, seven days. Both government and private institutions will always be available. So, this will spur trading between both countries and the region in general,” he said.

“This is the passageway for merchandise in transit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, so we need quick services delivery for all border users,” he added.

Tugirumuremyi continues to explain that traders that were incurring losses due to longer dwelling time on the border as they await clearance will get better and faster services, spend less and build their businesses. Ahommad Haruna Cyiza, a truck driver said that they used to spend many hours waiting for customs clearance which is most likely to be eased with the new facility and restructured operations.

“There are times when trucks were many at the border, at others when it was closed and you had to wait amidst a squeezed parking space. This was the only remaining border closing during the night, so, we are happy for the new changes,” he said.
Previously, Rusumo One Stop Border Post used to operate 16 hours, from 7:00am to 10:00pm

The Tanzania Revenue Authority Commissioner of customs, George Israel Mnyitafu said that both countries should be monitoring to ensure new changes address the existing operational challenges and ease the environment of doing business.
According to RRA, before opening the One Stop Border Post, trucks used to spend four hours waiting for customs clearance, compared to the current dwelling time of 30 minutes to two hours.