Rutsiro: CPCs acquire more tips on crime prevention

Published by Police
On 8 September 2016 saa 01:00
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Rwanda National Police has urged over 180 members of Community Policing Committees in Ruhango Sector of Rutsiro District to create a close partnership with residents as means geared towards crime prevention.

The call was made during a workshop held on September 6, which aimed at empowering members of CPCs with more skills to enhance community policing.

While addressing the CPCs, the District Community Liaison Officers (DCLO), Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Jean Bosco Mugenzi noted that one of the best ways of enhancing public safety is ensuring that everybody is involved in community policing.

“Such kind of partnership will win public trust, overall involvement and this creates an atmosphere for ownership, crime prevention which leads to sustainable security and development,” said AIP Mugenzi.

Community policing is a Rwanda National Police tool that has successfully played a major role in promoting safety and security.

AIP Mugenzi challenged them to use their knowledge in influencing a change in attitudes of people who still believe they can earn a fortune especially from drug dealings.

Since their establishment, CPCs have contributed enormously in crime prevention and enhanced the overall quality of life in the communities.

The proactive approach has made and empowered the general public to feel involved and have a sense of belonging and responsibility in preventing and fighting crimes.