Rutsiro man arrested over currency counterfeit

Published by Police
On 7 March 2017 saa 08:54
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Police in Rutsiro District have arrested a 39-year old man in connection with circulating fake currency notes.

Obed Mpayimana was arrested on Sunday in Nganzo Cell, Kivumu Sector in possession of counterfeit currency notes amounting to Rwf35, 000, in Rwf5, 000 denominations.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, Police spokesperson for the Western Province, said that Mpayimana was reported by the would-be victim.

“Mpayimana tried to clear a bill of soda he had taken using a fake note of Rwf5, 000, fortunate enough, the attendant noticed it,” said CIP Kanamugire.

“The would-be victim, after noticing that the currency note was fake, he pretended to be looking for a change, during which he called the police and officers arrived shortly, arrested and searched Mpayimana and found on him another counterfeit note of Rwf5, 000. When they searched his house, they recovered other five fake notes also in the denominations of Rwf5, 000,” he added.

He commended the resident for the vigilance and reporting the suspect, adding that “ownership and information sharing are crucial in crime detection, prevention and fighting.”

Under article 601 of the Rwandan penal code, any person who fraudulently counterfeits, falsifies or alters coins, which are legal tender in Rwanda or abroad, bills issued by the State and bearing its stamp or emblem, banknotes, authorised notes or any other related effects used in Rwanda or abroad, or any person who introduces or issues on the Rwandan territory bills or notes which are legal tender with knowledge that they are counterfeit or altered, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of more than five years to seven years.

In article 603, any person who knowingly acquires or receives coins or notes, circulates them to any person, even if he or she is not one of counterfeiters or importers of such monies shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of one to three years.