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Rutsiro: Three arrested over embezzlement
Published on 13-10-2016 - at 02:44' by Police

Three officials in Rutsiro District have been arrested in connection with embezzling over Rwf4.5 million.

Jean Claude Ukurikiyeyezu, in charge of good governance in Gihango Sector; Damien Mbaganehe in charge of social affairs in Mushonyi Sector and Vainqeur Maurice Ufitingabire, the agronomist of Kivumu sector were arrested on Tuesday.

They are currently detained at Gihango Police station pending further investigations.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Théobald Kanamugire, Police spokesperson for the Western region said that the trio, while they were still working in Manihira Sector, secured a loan from a SACCO branch in the area, which was meant for a cooperative of former prostitutes.

“They secured a loan of Rwf4.573, 550 from Gihango SACCO, which they alleged that it was for the cooperative of former prostitutes; instead, they used the money to start up a business of a bar in Rubavu town,” CIP Kanamugire said.

“The malpractice came to light when the SACCO branch demanded the cooperative to honour their commitment of servicing the loan, but the leadership of the cooperative informed them that they were not aware that the loan had been granted and given out. Investigations later found out that the three individuals instead used the money to start a joint business,” he added.

“This is an unfortunate act of misuse of authority that undermines development.This is the money that was meant to change the lives of the beneficiaries and improve their wellbeing which as leaders, were supposed to put forward but not using the money for their individual befits in the name of the cooperative” CIP Kanamugire noted.

Embezzlement, under article 325 of the penal code, is punishable with a term of imprisonment of seven to ten years and a fine of two to five times the value of the embezzled or destroyed property.


Olala,leaders of local government steal people’s money which they task is to preserve the people’s interests,this is totally bad, they delay government programs on which they are first implementers,they should be answerable in front of law and get serious punishments, we thank the police for arresting these officials and for on going deeper investigation which will help also to identify others with embezzlement Tentativeness.

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