Rwamagana: Cyclists recommit to public safety

Published by Police
On 12 September 2016 saa 12:43
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Commercial cyclists operating in Kigabiro sector of Rwamagana District have pledged to partner with Police by sharing information on wrongdoers as part of their effort to fight and prevent crimes and contribute to public safety.

The commitment was made during a meeting held recently and brought together close to 200 cyclists operating in the sector.

The meeting with the Police in the district, aimed at sensitizing them to strengthen cooperation with the police in line with crime prevention.

The District Community Liaison officer, Inspector of Police (IP), Goreth Uwimana, while speaking to the cyclists, noted that partnership with the public through community policing is an inevitable tool for modern and inclusive policing.

“Partnership between Police and the general public has continued to register significant achievements as far as peace and security are concerned, and you can further contribute to that when you report suspected criminals or illegal activities,” Uwimana said.

“Believe in yourselves because you can; we believe you can make change in terms of crime detection and prevention.”

She reminded them that in case one suspects either a colleague or a passenger of being involved in a crime, they should report to the Police immediately because “ensuring safety and security is everybody’s responsibility.”

“Wrongdoers like drug traffickers can use bicycles to transport illicit commodities including narcotic drugs. Be more vigilant and in case you suspect anything like that, be quick to inform Police and that way we will together prevent crimes and ensure effective public stability,” she said

IP Uwimana further urged them to respect traffic rules at all times, not to over load and always wear reflector jackets.

At the end of the meeting, cyclists expressed commitment to further partner with security organs to ensure suspected criminals are arrested before committing offences.